• Dr. Simcha Finkelman, Ph.D.

    Post-Harvest Entomologist

    Providing advisory services
    concerning insect pest damage

    Have any questions on Beatles, Termites, Moss and others?

  • Shedding Light on Insect Pest Activity in your House or Business

    Have any questions on Beatles, Termites, Moss and others?

What We Offer?

Expert Opinion

Receive a comprehensive report on pest insect damage on property or commodity

IPM Strategy Consulting

Build an end-to-end pest-free environment for your product or business

Insect Identification

Identify, analyze and characterize a specific insect or pest by an entomologist

Product Advisory Service

Collaboration and advisory services on pest management R&D projects

Founder & CEO of PHTC

Dr. Simcha Finkelman Ph.D.

Dr. Finkelman is a leading researcher in the field of post-harvest entomology and received his Ph.D. degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He then continued as a research scientist at Harvard University and the Israeli Agriculture Research Center. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Finkelman has worked on various IPM projects and developed innovative green solutions for the global wholesale market and governments in developing countries that are currently applied commercially. As founder and CEO of PHTC ltd. He now helps to disseminate his knowledge to the public. 

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Dr. Simcha Finkelman

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In memory of Dr. Jonathan Donahaye, who opened my eyes to the wonders of insect photography. 

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Food Technology Information Center

Free information on quality preservation and storage technologies of post harvest commodities.

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Get an Expert Opinion

Get an Expert Opinion

Get an Expert Opinion